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Widmer Kon 112-905 Perforator

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Widmer Kon 112-905 Perforator
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Widmer Kon Perforator Model 112-905 This machine will successfully and permanently perforate your documents, providing that extra degree of protection you need. Equipped with a full range of characters, dates, numbers, cancellations, logos and symbols that are available for permanently marking documents and for numbering, authentification or security purposes. The best form of protection for permanent and unalterable marking of documents-perforated holes can not be erased! Applications include: Dating, Numbering, Cancelling, Coding, and Validating for Invoices, Documents, Claims, Checks, X-Rays, Credit Cards, Badges, Passports, Etc. Rugged construction: made of heavy duty aluminum alloy die casting. Completely enclosed gears and motor bearings are lubricated for life. All steel punches and die plates. Encased in plastic case for economical pricing and shipping. FEATURES: Electric/Automatic, Security Key, Power Save Switch, Electronic Perforators for Dating, Numbering & Cancelling. PIN SELECTOR TYPE 8 Digit Dating/Numbering, 10 Digit Dating/Numbering, Paid and Date (8Digits), Upper Line and Date (8Digits), two Lines and Date (8Digits).

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