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Rapidprint ARL-E Time & Date Stam
Rapidprint ARL-E Time & Date Stam

Rapidprint ARL-E Time & Date Stamp

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Rapidprint ARL-E Time & Date Stamp
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The RapidPrint ARL-E is the same as the RapidPrint AR-E model with the addition of a digital clock face in front.  They print anywhere across the top or bottom of a document (prints horizontal to the inserted edge of the document).  Whenever you need a printed record of time and date, a RapidPrint automatic time stamp can do the job.  Simply insert the form, document or letter for an instantaneous time-date imprint.

RapidPrint ARL-E Time Stamp Applications:

  • Mail Room - verify receipt of incoming mail
  • Banks - stamp deposit slips to verify deposits or stamp vault-entry documents
  • Restaurants - stamp guest checks to measure meal preperation time
  • Procurement Offices - stamp incoming bid documents to verify pre-deadline receipt
  • Hospitals - stamp lab documents to verify completed test procedures
  • Tax Office - stamp customer receipts to verify paid tax
  • Stock Broker - fulfill legal requirements to record time and date on buy/sell documents

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