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Proxipen Kit and Supplies

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Proxipen Kit and Supplies
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ProxiPen Kit

Proximity-Based Guard Tour Verification System:

The ProxiPen Kit from Detex is the total solution for your guard tour verification requirements
and other data collection tasks. It includes everything you need to quickly and easily set up a complete
guard tour system that features the innovative ProxiPen RFID tag reader and user-friendly TopGuard
Patrol communication and reporting software

* The ProxiPen can read RFID tags even if they are wet, frosty, dirty, greasy or painted over.
* Low power consumption- requires one "AA" commercial alkaline lithium or rechargeable battery that can be replaced by user            without any special tools
* High memory capacity of 4063 readings- can be used for long periods in the filed without the need for frequent downloading
* Easy to use: no external controls

Kit Includes:

 1  - ProxiPen RFID Tag Reader
 1  - Data Transfer Unit (DTU) for ProxiPen (serial or USB port)
 1  - USB Data Cable for ProxiPen DTU
 1  - TopGuard Patrol Software*
20 - RFID Tag, 30mm diameter

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