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Lathem Model 25-7EX Card Rack

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Lathem Model 25-7EX Plastic Expanding Card Rack
Part Number: 628
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25-7EX - Time Card Rack, 7" Cards, 25 Pockets, Expanding

Expanding Time! (Well, at least the rack that holds the cards with time marked on them.)
Lathem's 25-pocket, expanding time card rack conveniently holds any standard time card (up to 7" long and 3.5" wide). This rack expands for easy wall mounting and can be combined with others. Excess pockets can be removed to fit your company size. The durable black plastic construction resists damage and maintains an attractive appearance in even the harshest environments. Includes pocket number labels and mounting hardware.

Many companies use two racks; one on each side of the clock. As employees clock in, they move their card from the "out" rack to the "in" rack. This allows managers and supervisors a quick visual determination of who has clocked in.

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